Wedding Invitations For an Outdoor Wedding

Wedding invitations not only inform guests about the details of your approaching nuptials, but also serve as an artistic preview of the wedding itself. Guests can ascertain much information just by observing the wedding invitation. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, why not choose an invitation that reflects this as well as your personality?

1. Why Have Your Wedding Outdoors


Outdoor weddings, particularly in warmer climates, have surged in popularity. It helps that there are so many unique outdoor settings to match the personalities of any couple. You could choose the grounds of a plantation, a botanical garden, a park, a mountain valley, a backyard, or the beach, just to name a few outdoor options. Some couples still choose to hold their ceremony in a church, but then have a reception outdoors at a nearby venue.

There are wedding invitation choices to match the most traditional to the most modern tastes, plus everything in between, making it possible for any couple, rural or urban, to find an outdoor setting perfectly suited for them.

2. How to Avoid Inclement Weather

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When an outdoor venue is chosen, there is always the risk of inclement weather, from rain to strong winds, to extreme hot or cold temperatures that you should be prepared for. It might take a little extra planning, but a contingency plan is worth preparing just in case. Depending on the setting, many places that cater specifically to weddings will have their own back-up plan, such as a tent or alternate setting that is shielded from the weather.

If you are choosing a setting such as your backyard or the beach, for example, you might want to rent and set up a tent so that you can easily move inside it should you need to. If the weather holds, simply set up refreshments or a dance floor beneath it so that guest can have relief from sunshine if they choose.

3. Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Invitation

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Your wedding invitation will tie in with your outdoor event by reflecting an aspect of the location in its design. For example, if your wedding will be held at the foot of a mountain at sunset, then you might choose a wedding invitation that features a watercolor image of a mountain alit in the fiery glows of sunset. If you want a more subtle wedding invitation, you could choose one features the silhouette of a mountain so you can retain a degree of formality and abstractedness.

4. If your wedding will take place in a botanical garden or in a park setting,

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you could easily choose a flower motif for your invitations. If you have a signature flower, let it stand boldly alone on your invitation, even have it embossed. Or, you could let a chain of varying wildflowers flow around your wording as a border. You could also, especially if your wedding will be casual, choose a wedding invitation shaped like the flower, such as a tulip or calla lily, and have it printed on colored paper.

Selecting whichever element most speaks to your personality and applying it to your wedding invitations will ensure that no one misses the fact that your ceremony will be outdoors and inarguably yours.



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